A Tribute to Mom

A Tribute to Mom

Intro by Skip Cohen

I’m a huge fan of Sarah Petty for a long list of reasons. She’s inspired and helped thousands of photographers to build a more substantial business, but what I love most is the way she supports her friends, associates, and audience.

Yesterday I got the message below as an email. I subscribe to pretty much everything Sarah does, but what she wrote and how she empathized with what we’re all feeling deserves to be shared.

While Sarah’s message was a tribute to mothers everywhere, her message touched everybody deeply. And whether you’re a Mom or Dad, single or married, the impact on our emotional wellness weighs heavily on everyone.

We’re eight weeks into the pandemic, and life has simply changed. Everything is different, and each day it feels like one paradigm after another shift.

But one that’s stayed constant: Sarah’s ability to inspire and remind us that none of us are really alone.

Thank you, Sarah…for your ability to inspire, stay focused, and make us smile.

By Sarah Petty

This Mother’s Day is gonna be a little different…

No dinner out. No trip to the spa. Life is freaking hard for moms right now.

Trying to keep the peace and harmony in a house where everyone is crammed together 24 hours a day is no small task.

School from home + working from home + having to put on a HAZMAT suit to go to the grocery store is not exactly the formula for a low-stress life.

And let’s not forget cooking 3,549 dinners every week. I don’t understand how the math on that works, either, but it’s accurate, somehow.

Plus, you haven’t been able to go out and shoot, so that hits you in the ego, not just the pocketbook.

To all my moms out there …

I see you – trying to keep it all together. Trying to put on a brave face for your family.

“I’m ok. I’m just a little tired.”

I hear the waver in your voice. That crack that hints at the tears you’re hiding. Because you can’t keep your family safe from this crazy virus. Because you can’t keep the scale from inching up with the gym closed. Because you love your family to death but ohmygoodness you just want a day to yourself, and you feel guilty about it.

You may not get the extravagant Mother’s Day you deserve this year. Especially if money is tight. (I personally think you deserve a PARADE and a 10-day luxury cruise this year).

But I want you to know I SEE YOU. I see how hard you’re working to keep everything together for your family. I see how hard you’re trying. I believe that you’re a superhero for all you do. Cape or no cape.

Head up, mama. You never know who you’re inspiring.

You are inspiring to me.

With Love,


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Sarah Petty

Sarah is a New York Times best-selling author, highly-acclaimed speaker, author, MBA and coach who started her own boutique photography studio after working for Coca Cola for 20 years and then meeting the marketing goals of a top regional advertising agency’s clients. She attributes the rapid growth of her boutique photography studio, which was named one of the most profitable in the country within just five years in business by PPA, to the creation of her own strong brand. Click on Sarah's photograph to visit her blog.

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