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Let me be the first to welcome you to the brave new branding world, where integrated marketing - in the way we've known and practiced it until now - no longer earns you a gold star. Because soon integrated marketing won't be a choice. It will be a basic condition of operation.

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an increasing chorus of voices are singing the praises of direct mail to do what it's always done so well: target key consumers and achieve the sales levels that other media cannot.


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Micose Pele

Hi!! Just signed in the forum!
I hope i can contribute to the community!

John Hartman

Originally posted February 22, 2012.

Direct mail is emphatically NOT dead! What IS dead is direct mail done poorly. Photographers who complain that direct mail doesn't work have themselves to blame much more than any perceived shifting market.

In my consulting I routinely see poorly constructed direct mail designs, layouts and content that do not address client needs and wants. There is little or no innovation in the imagery shown, client questions and objections are not being answered, there is no clear call to action, no guarantees, no testimonials, no consistent branding. And almost without exception these pieces are mailed with insufficient frequency and poorly timed, to boot. This combined with all the above virtually assures a poor response.

Because direct mail is much more expensive than it used to be, both to produce and to deliver, the only way to make it cost-efficient is to make it effective in the marketplace. In other words, a high response rate is far more important than bottom-line cost. Marketing that doesn't work is very expensive, even if it costs little or nothing.

Additionally, photographers who have abandoned direct mail in favor of social media marketing have created a huge opportunity for those of us who know what it takes to make direct mail work well. Those who have retreated to social media marketing only have found it difficult to distinguish themselves in a large crowd of 'me too' photographers all vying for an increasingly fickle market.

Bruce Wilson

Originally posted February 23, 2012.

Ditto with Johns comments, direct mail done correctly will give you a better ROI than any other media. Direct mail is the MOST important ingredient mixed in with the social network such as Facebook, blog, email and telephone/text messaging helps get your message out as well with min cost.

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