Don’t Forget the Value of Capturing Memories

Don’t Forget the Value of Capturing Memories

Intro by Skip Cohen

Over the last few months, we’ve shared some gems from Sarah Petty. I received the email below last week, and it makes one of the most essential points you need to remember!

Photographers seem to forget about the value of their services. When I teach a workshop and talk about the importance of capturing memories, I catch all the looks as people’s eyes roll back because they’ve heard it so many times before.

Here’s my point – except for modern medicine, no career field has given the world more than photographers. You’ve captured the intangible and turned them into moments people can hold in their hands and cherish for a lifetime. Photography has captured joy, sadness, disasters, injustice, achievement and the list goes on and on.

The pandemic has created a challenge for everybody, including your target audience and past clients. That means there’s an opportunity this coming holiday season to help them capture new memories at a time when so much has been restricted.

But the education process is all on you! You’ve got to help clients understand the importance of those memories and their value in the future. They need exciting products to consider for capturing those moments, like Bella Prints and Albums.

Use your blog to talk about memories and the need for a new family portrait. They may have been hunkered down for the last few months, but the kids didn’t stop growing!

By Sarah Petty

I was cleaning out my hard drive, and I ran across this picture that my dad’s best friend had sent to me.

It’s a photo of me and his kids at a birthday party back in 1970-something.

There’s me, in kindergarten, rocking a big poofy dress and towering over the other kids my age, LOL.

I have so few pictures of my childhood.

And seeing this one or ANY picture I have from when I was little …

It just makes fills my heart overflowing.

Looking at that picture…

  • I feel a connection to who I once was.
  • I remember the joy of that day.
  • I can close my eyes and FEEL the peace and comfort of being little.

That’s the gift we give to our clients.

The ability to go “back in time” to a moment they loved so much they wanted to remember it forever.

Sure, they love our photos NOW.

But those photos only get more precious with each passing year!

That’s one reason why September – December is every photographer’s busy season.

And after seeing what’s happening for ME and my STUDENTS right now, I refuse to believe that’s going to change this year.

I DOUBLE my biz when the weather cools off!!!

This year, that’s exceptionally good news.

COVID has kept people cooped up inside for most of the year.

But life is starting to go back to normal … a little at a time…

And “opening back up” is gonna correspond with our busy season!!!!

This year, more than most, you’ve gotta squeeze every penny out of the busy season.

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This article was written by
Sarah Petty

Sarah is a New York Times best-selling author, highly-acclaimed speaker, author, MBA and coach who started her own boutique photography studio after working for Coca Cola for 20 years and then meeting the marketing goals of a top regional advertising agency’s clients. She attributes the rapid growth of her boutique photography studio, which was named one of the most profitable in the country within just five years in business by PPA, to the creation of her own strong brand. Click on Sarah's photograph to visit her blog.

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