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Taking a scroll through Justin and Mary’s blog I ran across this short post from 2015. There’s really nothing in it to directly help you with your business, but it does hit on a topic that’s so important to your blog content, especially as a wedding photographer.

While there might be a few people out there who will disagree with me, I love Mary using their blog for something totally personal, and all under the umbrella of love. It’s essentially a love note to her husband on their anniversary and the perfect compliment to the content she normally shares.

This was from the archives of their “Pancake Sessions,” which they write and share for professional photographers. It’s the perfect reminder to let down your guard now and then. Share your love for your spouse, friends and even the business of photography.

The ability to be sappy is an art form and so often perfect to remind your target audience how much love plays in your life as an artist.

Mary and Justin’s tagline on their about page says it all:

We are Justin and Mary. Photography for people who believe in love.

Because for us it always started with love.

By Justin and Mary Marantz


Eight years ago today we were right here promising forever. Today I’m promising it all over again.

Dear Justin, you make me laugh like no one else, the nook in your neck that smells like shave oil and soap is my home, I admire your ability to build or fix anything you put your hands to including the ten #‎marantzhouseproject things you finished while I was gone, the art you create leaves me in awe every single time, and most of all you are my very best friend. Yesterday as we got into Vermont for a few days away, I just kept looking at you & thinking “I can’t believe he’s mine.” For the past eight years and the next 800 to come, I will always choose you. Whatever souls are made of, yours & mine are the same. Love you!

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Justin & Mary are an international wedding photography duo, who travel the globe shooting weddings, teaching, & inspiring other small business owners. Their “Walk Through a Wedding” Workshops have been presented worldwide including London, Australia & The Netherlands. They've authored two books- The Guide to Marketing and the J&M Lighting Guide, presented at international conferences including WPPI and The Dutch Wedding Congress and have been named as one of Profoto’s Legends of Lighting.

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