Speculation Portrait Programs For Preschools and Early Childhood Centers

Speculation Portrait Programs For Preschools and Early Childhood Centers

Have you ever wondered why the biggest photography companies serving the daycare and preschool markets offer pre-printed packages for parents to preview before they buy? It’s because this selling method produces the highest sales averages per client. Parents can’t pass up buying the “Big” complete package when it’s printed out and ready for them to take home. Even if they had not planned to buy very many portraits, they just can’t stand the thought of the unwanted portraits being thrown away. Some parents are not fond of this type of selling while some like to see before they buy and end up buying more.

It is recommended to have two poses available, each with 3 sheets, 1 8×10, 1 5×7 & 2 3.5×5’s on one sheet and 1 5×7 & 4 wallets on another sheet. That’s 6 total units with an investment of only $3.90 per child when paying on 65¢ per unit. You can add an optional 10×13 or 11×14 wall portrait of the best pose to the package for only $1.30 more. Retail them at $15-$20 per sheet or $69-$89 for the complete package, which can save a parent some money over the a la carte price.

Arrange to do IN-PERSON sales from 4-6pm when parents come to pick up their kids. NEVER send them home unless they are pre-purchased. Don’t worry about the unsold units, you can use them as samples in your next presentation. The added revenue from impulse purchases will more than cover the expense of your unsold units. The approval of Speculation sales method also works great for family portrait fundraisers and dance schools.

To learn more about Marathon’s 65¢ 8×10’s and $1.30 10×13’s go to www.VolumePortraitSolutions.com.

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