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Marathon serves many clients in the area of DIY (do-it-yourself) Publishing. If you’ve entered the world of DIY Publishing, you’ve probably already heard about an ISBN or International Standard Book Number.  If not, here’s some helpful information. Note: I have curated this information from their respective sources: RR Bowker, US Copyright Office and Library of […]
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This image was captured in August of 2023 during the dry season when wildlife seek out waterholes.  It is one of a series of images of young elephants interacting with, and nursing around the elephant herd.  This unique perspective was made possible by utilization of an underground “hide”.   There are several such “hides” scattered around Africa.  The “hides” […]
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Your business is built around word of mouth. Is your photography getting the community exposure it needs? This post will give you some answers. Having community displays does 3 things – Having community displays gives you exposure to your clients in ways that other forms of advertising can’t. It’s almost like a referral process in […]