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When I was a little girl, we had huge family reunions in the summer. Hundreds of aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends came from all over the country and sometimes the world just to visit. In the humid Indiana evenings, we all gathered in the living room of my grandparents’ house with the windows letting a […]
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Photographers are trained to look at light and understand the mechanics of their cameras to create an excellent technical photograph. But great photographers not only take quality pictures but also tells a story and capture the mood. These photographers convey their impressions of what they are experiencing visually. This kind of self-expression creates an opportunity […]
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Intro by Skip Cohen Obviously, I’m a huge Shep Hyken fan, and so appreciate his permission to share his wisdom on the Marathon Press blog. Today’s post was written around Valentine’s Day several years ago, but there’s no expiration date on great advice! This one especially hit home. It’s all about the importance of problem-solving […]

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