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Making the Most of Seasonality

Intro by Skip Cohen

Wandering through Justin and Mary’s archives I stumbled on this post just after Halloween in 2015. It’s just good old fun content, but there are a few things that hit me.

  • Halloween isn’t just for kids! If you’re not doing something fun for your adult and family clients as well, then you’re missing an opportunity.
  • Besides the opportunity to create a little goodwill and even revenue, it’s the perfect topic for new content. Plus it gives you a chance to show off your skill set, and at the same time include a few friends and clients in the process.
  • Last on the list – everyone with a photograph featured on your blog becomes an ambassador to get the word out on your role in the community as a photographer!

You’re always looking for new and creative content. Well, here’s your opportunity. We’re into the fourth quarter and the seasonality of the October, November and December holidays! There are plenty of great reasons to capture images of clients, friends and family and in turn, create some terrific content!

Caption: Even Justin and Mary got into the act!

If you have been around this blog any amount of time then you KNOW how much we love Halloween!! If you’re new, just click HERE to see some of our best Halloween moments throughout the years and you’ll be all caught up!

Every year we love to throw a big Halloween bash to first give out candy to the 500 or so trick or treaters we get every year (seriously it’s like a mob scene! but y’know the cutest mob scene you’ve ever, well…seen!) And then the grown-up party begins in full force after that! 🙂 And can I just say that we have the COOLEST friends ever? Because every year they blow me away with what they come up with for their costumes….and this year was DEFINITELY no exception!! Let’s take a look at who all showed up this year! 🙂

We had National Lampoon’s Cousin Eddie & Catherine from Liz & Ryan in honor of them traveling around the country this year in an RV!

Forrest & Jenny stopped by and they were like peas & carrots….just like Ashley & Jeremy!!

The Wolves from the Walking Dead weren’t as scary as they first seemed but that’s because Chrissy & Justin are awesome!!

We had Mr. Robot and Fight Club’s Tyler Durden in the house from Erin & Chris, so we definitely weren’t starting any fights with them!

Erin & Peter sweetened the party up when they showed up as Grapes!!

And the party REALLY got started when Ellen and the Dancing Girls showed up with Kristin, Bill & Madeline!!

Hope you all had an amazing Halloween!