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Sometimes You Just Need to Rant – Part Two

Intro by Skip Cohen

In Michele Celentano’s previous post, she shared a great rant about one of the biggest challenges in photography – working with people who don’t like being photographed. But now, take it one step further and recognize that too often the person who doesn’t like being photographed is YOU – the photographer.

I remember when my kids were younger my mother was always complaining about not having a current family portrait. I was in the business, yet the scenario regularly being played out was the “shoemaker’s children needing shoes!” We rarely had a family portrait that was up to date and had ALL of us in it.

So, Michele, finished her rant like the professional she is – she didn’t just rant but gave us some great solutions. But, take her suggestions one step further. After reading her last paragraph go back to the start of this post and think about how you can use Michele’s advice with your clients.

It’s up to you plant the seed for a great family portrait, and it starts with reminding Mom that time never slows down. Every day her family changes and it’s time to stop missing those moments that can never be recaptured.

Like Michele wrote – “there are no do-overs!”

By Michele Celentano

Never hesitate to be photographed, especially with people you love.  I’ll give you a few good reasons why.

  1. You are not getting any younger.  If you don’t like the portrait today I promise you in 10 years you will love it!
  2. The chances of you losing those last 10 pounds are unlikely and not a single person who loves you cares about it anyway!
  3. How will you tell your life story to your children and grandchildren without pictures?
  4. What will leave behind for them when you are no longer here?
  5. I don’t wish for much in life but I do wish I had more pictures with my grandparents. There are no do-overs – I can’t take any more pictures of them and I only wish I had more of them.

If you are a photographer, practice what you preach and make sure you have plenty of pictures of your family and close friends that include you.

You won’t be here forever and someday someone will be saying they wish they had more pictures of you.

If you are not a photographer, I recommend hiring one and having professional portraits created of your family. You will never regret having family portraits taken but someday you may regret not having enough pictures of the people you love the most.

This is part of my bulletin board next to my desk…
I have a few pictures with my grandparents there but I really wish I had more of them.