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So many of you miss the opportunity to tie in cause-related marketing. It’s the perfect ingredient to demonstrate leadership in your community.  Here’s the point – Being involved in your community is one of your strongest tools to help build brand awareness. While you need to be directly involved in organizations that give back, you […]
  1. Charities
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Tosha Gaines said, “The world is a diverse place; however, most photographers’ portfolios do not reflect that.” Tosha’s program at Imaging USA 2023 stressed stepping out of our comfort zone to bring understanding, empathy, and appreciation for diversity into our photographic scope of service. She further said, “While most photographers are competent when it comes […]
  1. Business
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  3. Marketing
Charitable marketing can be a great way to promote your photography business in your local community and add revenue to your bottom line. We have many charitable marketing partnerships at our photography studios, but one of our VERY favorites and most profitable is our pet promotion. Several years ago we decided to partner with our […]