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10 Reasons Why Websites Fail To Live Up To Their Expectations

by Ann Monteith

For today’s photographers, websites represent a “front door” to their business. So says business expert Ann Monteith, who believes that most photographers are not paying enough attention to this all-important aspect of their photography businesses. “The more our industry grows,” she says, “the more ineffective websites I see.”

Following is Ann’s List of 10 Reasons Why Websites Fail To Live Up To Their Expectations

1. Trying to take on too much when building your site.

2. Not understanding the needs of the target market to which your site is directed.

3. Not having a clearly defined purpose for your website.

4. Failing to create the desired visual impact with your homepage and galleries.

5. Not sending a compelling, up-to-date marketing message through your site.

6. Not understanding how to harness the power of viral marketing.

7. Expecting the website to do all of your studio marketing.

8. Failing to integrate the website into the studio’s overall marketing plan.

9. Overlooking opportunities to create viral-marketing links that will help your search-engine positioning.

10. Failing to check email and/or respond properly to telephone inquiries.