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Intro by Skip Cohen

I’m always surprised when I hear about photographers who do nothing with their presentation of the final product to the client. These artists have worked hard to capture and create some stunning images and then deliver them in the equivalent of a lunch bag!

Here’s my point – this is a word-of-mouth business and everything you do ties back to building your brand. If you don’t take the time to make the delivery of your images special, then why should anybody else think they’re special?

Don’t compromise all the great work you’ve put into working with your client by taking a shortcut at the end and simply going with a “that’s good enough” attitude.

Years ago I picked up a great tip: Points made to the eye are 78% more effective than points made to the ear (audio/reading).” That means with every delivery of your finished product you have a golden opportunity to exceed client expectations with professional packaging.

Take just a second and think about some of the high-end products you know about. Tiffany has their turquoise bag; a box of Godiva Chocolates is always upscale – now think about places you love to shop. Nordstrom couldn’t be more consistent in every aspect of the shopping experience, but Macy’s will almost always fall short.

Sarah Petty hits the point dead on with today’s post – every element of your business has to maintain a consistent impression. I’ve chosen to hit on packaging because it’s one aspect of business I notice so often is forgotten and honestly, it’s a pet peeve – but to Sarah’s point – your goal is to become habit-forming and get people attached to your brand!

Whether you own a photography business, a gift shop or a service business such as a hair salon, you can’t simply mail a pretty direct marketing piece or have beautiful packaging and call it a day.

Without every element of your business and marketing being consistent, you will create confusion in the mind of the consumer and you will not get people emotionally attached to your brand.

This is why when you go to Walmart for photos, a gift or a haircut, you aren’t receiving the personal attention, the beautiful experience or the dynamic packaging you will receive at a boutique business. So, of course, you expect a lower price at Walmart.

If you run your business like a mass chain where nobody knows your name, there is no attention to detail and the experience is less than spectacular, don’t be shocked when consumers want to pay Walmart prices.

Even PIG-PEN understands inconsistency!