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13 Outstanding Marketing Ideas to Build Your Photography Business

Intro by Skip Cohen

There’s so much great content in this short video from Sarah Petty, and for many of you it could be life-changing, or at the very least business changing. While the focus is primarily on a portrait business, just about each tip applies to any specialty and in fact, any small business!

Right out of the blocks she hits the importance of building your database. I’m always surprised when I talk to photographers who are so focused on new customers, they’ve completely forgotten their existing customers, as well as opinion leaders in their own community. I also like the way Sarah touches on the demographics of the database, looking at the different needs for the different targets.

Her second tip is “Notes of Joy,” hand-written notes to clients, associates, vendors, people who have supported you and your business. She follows that with making the point about partnerships.

We’ve shared ideas on all three of these first tips repeatedly in past blog posts and Marathon is right here to assist along the way. In fact, they can help you with everything from your database, to stationary, to direct mail to new products and approaches to your marketing efforts.

And, perfect for this time of year she wraps it all up with a great holiday card! Again, Marathon is right there to help you with the design, production and even mailing!

I know we’re into the seasonality of the year, but that doesn’t mean you can just take a vacation from thinking about and developing your marketing programs.