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Hitting the Reset Button

I wrote a post recently on my own blog about the importance of knowing when to hit the reset button on a task or project. There are times when the frustration of not accomplishing something becomes so great, you’re unable to complete the task without a severe depletion of energy, both physical and emotional.

Here’s the perfect analogy: Ever had a car stuck in the mud or snow? The more you hit the gas and the wheels spin, the deeper you sink in the snow or mud. You simply won’t get out. In fact, as a kid, I learned the lesson getting my grandfather’s new Oldsmobile stuck in the mud. Hitting reverse and spinning the wheels just got me into more trouble. It eventually took a toe-truck to get me out of the mess! (And, yes, I was grounded for a couple of weeks – but I did learn several lessons that day!)

And here’s my point – learn to recognize when it’s time to step away and hit the reset button. Recognize the signs of frustration before you crash and burn. Step away for as much time as you need. I know for me, it’s often just an hour or two that I need to do something different and then come back to whatever was the source of my frustration.

Hitting the reset button gives you a chance to relax and refocus. In the same way, we all have situations where we need to reboot our computers – sometimes we need to reboot our perspective on a challenge in business as well.

And most important of all, just like the television show, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” don’t forget people in your network who can help. Keeping your options open to “Call a Friend” isn’t just for people on game shows!