1. Business

Looking Forward

It’s the fourth quarter, and hopefully, everyone is flat out working on holiday orders and a strong finish for 2019. You’re busy, and there doesn’t seem to be any time to think about the new year. Yet, *poof* before you know it, the new year will have kicked off, and many of you will be standing there like a deer in your headlights!

Here’s my point – and it’s IUSA and WPPI specific. Make up your mind now if you’re going and at least book the hotel. Start thinking about where you need the most help. Look over the speakers for both. Take the time to think about the manufacturers you want to see and talk with. Who would you like to meet and talk to on your icon list?

Don’t get caught in one of those “you snooze you lose” scenarios. Before the day’s over, let’s do a little calendar maintenance for 2020.

  • Which shows are you going to attend during the first quarter? Remember to include state and regional shows in your area, as well. You should attend as many as possible.
  • Make your hotel reservations NOW.
  • Start thinking about companies and products you need to see. You don’t need to be very specific. Take time to think about what you need to make your skillset stronger and your business more efficient.
  • Never eat a meal alone at a convention – start doing a little fishing on the various forums and places you talk with other photographers. Find out who’s going to be there.
  • Think about your skillset. Growth only happens outside of your comfort zone. So, look for at least two workshops/programs that deal with topics completely outside your current specialty and skill level.

Here are the links to both shows, and IUSA is almost right out of the blocks of the new year. Marathon Press is going to be at both shows – make it a point to stop by their booth, so you always know what’s new!