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Know How to Do Facetime Portraits?

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
Steve Jobs

I shared this a short time ago on my blog. It’s so creative and cutting-edge, more of you need to know about it.

There isn’t a professional photographer on the planet who isn’t struggling with what’s become the new normal! Quarantines, social distancing, sheltering in place have all become a way of life, but out of chaos and the pandemic, crisis have come some remarkable new extensions for business.

Meet a good friend, JP Elario. JP’s dad, Joe and I have been friends going back to the late 80s when I was with Hasselblad. I’ve watched JP grow up in the business and he’s an outstanding wedding and event photographer. I’m not sure there isn’t anything he can’t photograph well.

Keeping in line with the never-ending quest to meet their clients’ needs, JP starting doing online headshots. The local news in Albany picked up the story and it’s well worth your time to watch the short clip below.

Do the math. JP’s done over 300 of these sessions and at $75 for one person and $125 for two, he developed an additional revenue stream at a time when business seemed to have dried up. Plus, he’s established a leadership role in the community rather than just accept the drop in business.

​These are challenging times – who knows what other new ideas will come out of the pandemic crisis?