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The Clock is Ticking!

The pandemic has changed so many things in business and our lives, but it’s also created some exciting opportunities for photographers willing to step up and be leaders.

Because we’ve all been hunkered down for the last nine months, I’m convinced that photography is going to play a more significant role than ever before, in gift-giving for the holidays. Think about it – Grandma’s been without her family for months. What could be more appreciated than a family portrait? Then add in a video, and if your family is scattered around the country, you’ve got the skills to create a hybrid presentation with video clips, still images, and great music!

While time is getting tight, you still have enough time to plant a few seeds of ideas with your clients. My suggestion is to start with a personal letter to at least fifty of your best clients and let them know what you’re offering this holiday season.

And at the risk of sounding like an infomercial, Marathon’s got you covered with Bella Prints and Bella Albums. Now go one step further and think about your holiday card this year and holiday cards for clients.

There is no easier and more effective marketing tool than holiday cards to remind people you’re still around and active in the community – that’s your business holiday card. Then, think about all your clients – again, this is a year where photography plays such an important role.

You’ve got to remind your clients how important their holiday card is this year and how you’ve got the skills and products to help them share their holiday message. Again, Marathon’s got you covered with their BOGO offer on holiday cards, and a chance to boost revenue at a time where business has definitely been slow.

Don’t miss the opportunity to keep growing your brand awareness and your business! From family portraits as gifts to holiday cards for clients and to clients, 2020’s seasonality has so much potential.

Hunkering down is about your health, NOT your business.