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The Pandemic Can’t Stop Seasonality!

It is March and the second biggest season of the year for imaging revenue is right around the corner. Even with the pandemic, business potential through prom season, Mother’s Day, graduation, and Father’s Day isn’t about to slow down.

NOW is the time for you to be promoting your brand, skill set, products, and services. NOW is the time for you to partner with another vendor in the community, like a florist, for example. Put together a Mother’s Day mailing. Work together with the Marathon team to design a high-impact direct-mail piece that hits photography’s seasonality.

And here’s one more thing to think about – the pandemic has actually helped strengthen the demand for photography. What’s grandma been missing the most? Her family! It’s a perfect time for you to get your audience thinking about a new family portrait. It’s time to get back to capturing memories that have even more meaning because everyone has been “hunkered down” for the last year.

Taking it one step further – use your blog to plant the seeds for ideas of things to do with great images. As I’ve written so many times, your website is about what you sell. Your blog is about what’s in your heart.

Share posts in your blog about the importance of great portraits. Use Throwback Thursday as an excuse to remind “Mom” it’s time for a new family portrait. Share gift ideas, like Bella Art Prints and Albums as ideas for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

The pandemic is slowly fading, and as more people get their vaccine, we’re going to be returning to a level of normalcy. Instead of waiting for clients to start knocking on your door again, go out and find them – beginning with a reminder that nobody can capture memories better than you!