I recently ran this on my own blog – the concept of “recess” isn’t just for kids!

This is a tough time of year for everyone in business. Your focus is on wrapping up the year, often with the attitude that being flat out is fine…you’ll get your break after the “smoke clears.” So, time to play gets put aside, and all your energy goes to the tasks at hand.

Melody Beattie came through for me this morning as I was thinking through my own challenges to wrap up the year…

“…We make sure our children take time for recess every day. But we forget that we need recess, too. The lingering thread of work and worry can tie us to tasks done and undone. They can block our connection to joy, creativity, and the vital life-giving force that course through us all.

We no longer need to slump with tension and fatigue. It isn’t necessary and it doesn’t help a thing. Most often, it hurts. Your fatigue may be from lack of play as much as lack of sleep. You might begin to see that you don’t need a rest, a nap, or more Vitamin C. You need to play.

Play as much as you can. Find time–take time–to play. It may give you the energy you need.”

Here’s my point…undone projects are the monkey on your back. We’re all built with manual focus. Unlike your camera gear, there’s no button to press to suddenly bring things into sharp focus, but there is something you can do to boost your creativity and joy…take a break and play!  

And here’s my wish for all of you today. Take the time to play. Spend time laughing with friends and let your battery recharge, even if it’s just for a few hours. Everything on your plate that you’re worrying about is draining you, but “recess” is a great concept and doesn’t have to be exclusive to kids in elementary school!