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The Best Ways to Lose Customers – Part One

SARCASM ALERT: This post is dedicated to those who seem to make a hobby out of losing clients and then blame the trend on everything and everybody except the face in the mirror.

  1. Hunkering down on your business: Hunkering down is all about your health and physical distancing, but there’s no reason for you to disappear. Keep in touch with your clients through social media and the phone. Business will come back, and there are already some creative business trends taking place around the country in imaging. Don’t ignore your target audience.
  2. Answer emails quickly: It’s human nature to think people don’t care when they don’t get back to us, especially via email.
  3. Answer your phone: I’ve actually heard photographers complain about getting calls lately. The impact of downtime is different for everybody, but don’t let complacency interrupt that dream you had for a growing business.
  4. “Why should I keep writing blog posts? Nobody’s buying anything.” Your website is about what you sell, but your blog is about what’s in your heart. The pandemic has only changed your level of personal interaction, not the importance of your presence with your target audience. Share content involving your expertise, photography. Help your readers to be better photographers with tips and suggestions. Share ideas about new products from your lab, giving clients new ways to present their images.
  5. “I stopped sharing posts about things in the community when the pandemic shut everything down!” Well, it’s time to start sharing things again. Remember, people like buying goods and services from companies they perceive as giving back to the community. Live activities are limited everywhere, but the need to get the word out about the community’s needs has never been greater! Start making calls to the non-profits in your area and the Chamber of Commerce. All you have to do is ask, “How can I help you guys?” Then, sit back and listen.
  6. “Why should I talk to other photographers? They’re in the same mess I’m in!” It’s the old line of together we stand, divided we fall. We’re an industry known for sharing ideas and working together on finding solutions. Phone calls, IMs, and participation in the various forums is going to help you stay focused. Plus, you never know when a new idea might come up in a conversation with other artists.

The pandemic, while most people think of how it’s restricted so many different aspects of business, it’s actually created some unique opportunities. Photographers with a focus on Customer Service and relationship building will find these two areas cornerstones in rebuilding your business and your strengthening brand awareness.