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Are You Ready for this Year’s Holiday Season? Part II

There’s only so much content you can put in a blog post. So, today, it’s just getting you to think about building awareness. What good is working so hard to create the best images of your life if nobody knows who you are? Too many of you think of publicity as awareness outside your control. So, let’s kill the myth – thanks to social media and communication technology – EVERY business can control and contribute to their own awareness.

  • Press Releases: Let’s knock off the obvious first. Outlets for “exposure” are everywhere. The obvious big winners are stories in the local paper, on the community/city websites, etc., but that’s at the top. All along the way, you’ve got your blog, other public blogs, being involved in community events, direct mail, various related websites, conventions, brochures, etc. Don’t forget to offer the use of your images, from a community event, for example, to the hosting group, company, or association; We’re looking for anything that gets your name out there.
  • Your Blog: I know I talked about this in Part I of this holiday series, but this time of year, use your blog to give your readership ideas on great gifts this holiday season. From video holiday cards to physical cards to prints ready for hanging – Check out Marathon’s Bella Art Prints and Albums. Plus, they do a BOGO program on holiday cards every year! And use your blog to be helpful as the expert in photography with tips to help your clients capture better images.
  • Partnerships: Look for a couple of vendors in your community to partner with in a mailing or cross-promotional program. Each partner becomes an ambassador for the other two and can help you create more awareness (publicity) for your business.
  • Social Media: Use Facebook and Instagram to share your work and maximize awareness of your skills as an artist. Stop posting pictures of last night’s trip to Dairy Queen! Use social media to your advantage – it’s one of your best marketing tools.
  • Editorial: Those articles you see on the local town website or in the paper about other businesses don’t happen by accident. Get to know some of the staff at the local publications.
  • Host a Networking Luncheon: This is so easy to do and simply involves you contacting other businesses to join you for lunch. It’s easiest explained for a wedding photographer who would invite a florist, caterer, limo service, bridal salon, wedding planner, bakery, travel agent, venue manager, etc. Find a restaurant with a private room and an easy-to-afford menu. Then bring everybody together to talk about business and what you can do as a group.

The definition of publicity from Google is:

In marketing, publicity is the public visibility or awareness of any product, service, or organization. It may also refer to the movement of information from its source to the general public, often via the media.

Stop waiting for that knock at your door from a reporter who wants to do a feature profile story about you and your business. Those opportunities will come, but you have to build your own awareness first!