A short time ago I shared this post on my own blog. The topic this time of year is relevant to so many of you. Sadly, you’ll procrastinate and when your ship is due to come in, you’ll be at the airport!

Procrastination – we all do it, and sometimes it’s even necessary just to recharge a little. Whatever the reason, it’s not a skillset, and spring seasonality is right around the corner. Mother’s Day, graduation, proms, and Father’s Day are all coming up.  

Here are some ideas to help you turn 2022’s seasonality into a record-breaking stretch of business:

  • Multi-generation Portraiture: At IUSA, Michele Celentano, Myron Fields, and I did an evening program. Michele talked a lot about multi-generational family portraits. Think about the last couple of years. I’m not sure the importance of family has ever been this important. Now ask yourself – what do grandparents miss the most? The answer is family, and now’s the time for you to be promoting your skills as a portrait artist ready to capture and create the perfect holiday gift for Grandma…with her in the photograph.
  • Legacy Programs: At that same program, Myron and I both talked about creating images and capturing the stories of older generations. All of you have the gear to capture video pieces giving older generations the opportunity to tell their stories and preserve them for future generations.
  • Cross-promotions: From the local florist to restaurants, build brand awareness with other partners. Whether it’s just sharing the cost of a mailing or cross-promoting each other’s products – you don’t have to fly solo! Partnerships help extend your reach and reduce your cost.
  • Your Community: You’re looking for your community to be good to you – so you better be good to your community! Now is the time to volunteer and make people aware you’re not just another retailer in the area. And don’t worry about it if it doesn’t involve your skills as a photographer. This is about people knowing you believe in giving back!
  • Relationship Builders: I’ve written about this many times over the last few years. Start checking in on your past customers. A phone call to not sell anything but check on how they’re doing will go a long way. After all, they became a client because they trusted you – now’s the time to extend that trust further and let them know you care. Again, you don’t need to pitch anything but friendship.
  • Putting Rocks to Sleep? Check out everything you offer. Is some of it boring? It might be time to call your lab and ask, “What’s new?” Then look at products you might want to feature that is exciting instead of the same old things.
  • Use Your Blog: Your website is about what you sell, but your blog is about what’s in your heart. Use your blog to talk about the importance of capturing those special memories. Share gift ideas involving imaging. Talk about the renewed sense of family and some of your own experiences in missing important moments in your own family.​
  • The bottom line – stop wasting time. And if you need a sounding board or a little help, you know where to find me. Make this a fall season of no regrets!

I don’t regret the things I’ve done. I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance!