Coming together is a beginning,
staying together is progress,
​and working together is success!

Henry Ford

It’s a relatively short post but packed with a few suggestions to help you think through partnerships with other business entities. Money, for most businesses is tight, but you don’t have to pay top dollar for everything you’d like to do.

As an example, I’ve written a lot about partnerships. Sadly, there’s always somebody who rolls their eyes and thinks, there’s nobody in my area to partner with. The reality is, there’s always another vendor/company out there.

  • Boudoir Photographers: Lingerie boutiques, spas, makeup artists, salons.
  • Pet Photographers: Pet food reps, animal shelters, pet boutiques, veterinarians, and doggy daycare facilities. 
  • Children’s Photographers: Toy stores, summer camps, playgrounds, kids’ clothing boutiques, restaurants, pediatricians, or pediatric dentists.
  • Family Photographers: Family restaurants, decorators, parks, travel agents, resorts, and special events. 
  • Wedding Photographers: Florists, wedding planners, bakeries, salons, bridal shops, limo companies, musicians, tux shops, travel agents, and venues.

Stop thinking you always have to fly solo. Business has changed dramatically, but along with the frustrations, there are some unique opportunities for creative leadership. You don’t need to grow or jumpstart your business alone – think about strategic alliances in your community to build together!