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Tis the Season!

Just because we’re in a pandemic, and most of us hunkered down, doesn’t mean Spring seasonality is going to disappear. Mother’s Day, Graduation and Father’s Day are all just around the corner. And, while so many people are feeling the anxiety, the images in your files of past clients is going to be even more valuable.

I wrote about graduation a short time ago. The class of 2020 is about to have a completely different graduation experience. And whether delayed or occurring via the Internet, those big graduation events we’re all used to this time of year aren’t going to happen.

I know it’s not allowed or recommended in some communities, but I love the idea of “Front Porch Portraits.” Easily coordinated by the photographer, and maintaining social distancing, it’s still a memory-maker.

From Marathon’s BOGO on grad cards to Bella Prints and albums, you need to make the most of the opportunity to help your clients create new memories.

Then there’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, both perfect for images you have in your files. Seriously, think about the question of “What are you getting Grandma this Mother’s Day?” So, what’s your answer – again from Bella Prints to a Bella Album, the timing couldn’t be better for you to create a new memory for a client.

At the same time, don’t forget slideshows, website pages and any other way you can remind your client the pandemic doesn’t win when it comes to sharing great memories!

The expression “shelter in place” doesn’t mean your business. And seasonality, especially at this time in history, makes the images you’ve captured in the past of clients and events that much more valuable!