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Looking Past the Challenges

Looking Past the Challenges

“If you want to knock down the wall between you and the life of your dreams,
it’s best to do it one brick at a time.”

Paul McKenna

Since the pandemic hit we’ve all felt the impact of changes in business and our lives. Well, there’s a greater sense of family in the world today and along with it comes a list of opportunities for you to grow your business. It all starts with you focusing on the things you need to get your dreams back on track.

I know from my own experience; Sheila and I have stopped watching the news. We’re still informed thanks to the quality of what we read, but that doesn’t change the impact of freedom still not back to what it once was.

I’ve missed contact with friends and associates. I’m tired of arrogant self-centered politicians who refuse to focus on the people they’re supposed to represent. I’m sick of not knowing who to believe on anything that’s relevant. And God forbid somebody says to me, “I know it’s true, I read it on the Internet!” LOL

Well, it’s time to accept the sadness we’ve all felt and focus on the year ahead. Stop looking in the rearview mirror and head forward. (Sorry, I know this is a little bit of a rant!)

Melody Beattie wrote:
“If you don’t know when you feel sad and alone, you won’t know when you feel good. Feel all the feelings that come your way. Each one has a lesson for you. And as you release that energy, you’ll be releasing passion, too. Value your passions and the way you feel. Soon you’ll find yourself knowing just what to do and when.”

As you work to overcome the sadness of how much business has changed, the reality is you didn’t lose your skillset. And while the path for the journey to your dreams might have changed – your passion is still intact – just buried under the baggage of today’s world. It’s time to let it out!

Here’s what’s remarkable – you’re not alone! We’ve ALL felt those same frustrations, but it’s incredible how bright the future can be if you look past the challenges. And while I know how sappy and hokey that sounds, just take a minute and think about it because it’s so true.