I ran a similar post on my own blog a few weeks ago. Over the years I’ve commented that the two worst business groups on the planet are doctors and photographers. Well, this year you’ve got a chance to change all that. There are too many of you who don’t pay enough attention to the financial side of your business. 

Int won’t be long and you’re going to be doing your taxes, and I’d love to help take the surprise out of what you may owe the government. It’s NOT rocket science! 

When looking at the cost of doing business last year, so many of you need to remember all the things you spent money on that might be deductible. I’m not an accountant and don’t profess to understand tax law, but here are some things to consider. As you review it, I’m sure you’ll find other things I might have missed.

People don’t know how much they have to be thankful for, until they have to pay taxes on it.
Ann Landers

​So many of you get excited over how much you think you made on sales because your lab costs are so low – but what about everything it took to build and maintain your skill set and your business?

A fine is a tax for doing something wrong. A tax is a fine for doing something right.