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Just Say NO!

I’m betting there are a lot of you who aren’t old enough to remember Nancy Regan’s “Just Say No” campaign, but running across some old articles the other day I started thinking about the simplicity of that statement, and it seems like a fun way to go with a blog post.

Here are some of my favorites for photographers – feel free to comment with your own…

Just say no to thinking, “I’ll fix it in the computer later!”

Just say no to companies who make promises to deliver on time and then don’t come through.

Just say no to lowering your pricing before you’ve exhausted every idea you have available to add value!

From an old post from Cliff Mautner: “In order to combat the apprehension of my wedding clients, I felt the need to add a bit of value to their collection in lieu of reducing my pricing – which I was dead set against. An added hour here, a flexible payment plan there, and things fell into place nicely.” 

Just say no to putting off that mailing you need to do to all your previous brides who are now starting families.

Just say no to arguing with those “trolls” in your life who drain energy instead of creating it!

Just say no to giving up the fight to be creative in attacking the market and developing a program of diversification in your business.

Just say no to negative people in your life. They don’t have to love your dreams, just respect them!

Okay, who wants to add a few more?