When I think back to my days as a high school senior, things were so different. To begin with, everybody looked the same, wore the same outfit, and all the images were black and white. And there was no promotional material announcing that we’d graduated. Yes, parties and invitations were sent out, but not very much in formal announcements.

Today’s senior is different, and the class of 2023, to start has lived through a pandemic. They’ve dealt with hybrid classrooms and experienced socializing at an entirely different level from most adults when we were kids. Plus, they’ve had to live with school shootings, bullying, drugs, and essentially a host of problems most of us didn’t encounter.

A senior shoot today, if done right, captures the senior’s personality, not just a headshot. There are really two clients, the senior and Mom. You’ve got to satisfy the expectations of both.

But there’s another aspect to a senior shoot that’s so important – remember, these are young adults who may never have interacted with a professional photographer. It’s your first brick in building a relationship with a future bride, groom, or parent.

You want to not only exceed expectations but make yourself habit-forming. That means listen, capture, and process images of the highest quality and deliver on time – keeping all your promises.

Now, take it one step further – and this is where Marathon comes in with their BOGO on grad cards – buy one get the second at half off. Right out of the blocks, you’ve got help with profitability but now look at the importance and pride of both the subject and his/her family. It’s an opportunity to share their pride in their child’s accomplishments, and at the same time, they’re showing off your work. Plus, you’ve helped them with the vehicle to get the word out to friends and family!

Your most important marketing tool is building relationships with your audience and active clients. Use your blog and social media to remind “Mom” what you’re doing for a living and, in turn, the importance of focusing on graduation.