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Your Family – Do Shoemaker’s Children Need Shoes?

A few weeks ago I shared this post on my own blog. It’s short, but if a picture’s really worth a thousand words, then it speaks volumes about an opportunity most of you are missing with your own family.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has given us, beyond the challenges and frustrations of the virus, it’s TIME! I’ve had an album of pictures of my folks on a shelf for years, and yesterday took the time to look through it.

I’ve pulled a few of my favorites, but let’s get right to the point. Photographs are about capturing memories, intangible moments that turn into something you can touch. Great pictures allow you to feel and transport yourself to times when life was different.

The album is essentially a day in my Mom and Dad’s life, captured by Bambi Cantrell. She spent the better part of a day with them. Now, seven years after my Mom’s been gone and five since Dad passed away, the book has become an incredible treasure.

When was the last time you captured images of your own family? While we always think about the kids growing up and changing, your parents aren’t getting any younger. When they’re gone, what photographs will you have to tell their story?

I know I’ve shared this quote in previous posts, but there isn’t one better:

This is what I like about photographs.
They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat,
everything was perfect. 

Jodi Picoult