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New Ideas for Blog Content

The last two posts I shared were all about ways to make your blog stronger. Remember it’s about consistency and relevance. Good content is KING, and with each post, you’ve got an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your readers.

I’ve shared some of these topic ideas in the past, but let’s add in some new ones and take advantage of the upcoming Spring seasonality, especially with Mother’s Day less than three months away.

  • Write a post on great gift ideas using photographs. Remember, for most of you your readership is “Mom.” That means now is the time to plant the seeds for ideas on gifts for grandma on Mother’s Day. From a stunning Bella Art Print or album to a sitting, you’ve got just enough time to get your audience thinking about the timing for a new family portrait.
  • Do a post about your own experiences as a child or with your family now. Talk about how fast time flies and the importance of capturing memories.
  • Photo Tips: Start building a reputation as a photography expert in the community. Build a stash of 6-10 posts with examples of lighting, composition, posing, exposure, etc. There are things you do every day you take for granted. Help your readers become better photographers and artists.
  • Do a post about how to hire a photographer. Give your clients tips on what to look for, and obviously, make sure your own business scores high on your list of suggestions.
  • Do a community calendar! Sharing events in the community helps to show you’re involved, especially when it comes to any non-profits hosting things. You become their ambassador and eventually, they’ll be yours.
  • Share ideas on gear. You’re in touch with so many different companies and products. Share the information with your readers.
  • How about a client shot of the month? Pick a favorite and share it, but also share some of the details in the technique you might have used and made it educational.
  • If we’ve learned nothing from so many of America’s most influential consumer companies, it’s the way to Mom and Dad is often through their kids. Do a few posts and maybe a contest for kids with cameras…and it doesn’t matter if it’s a real camera or an iPhone.
  • Tips on how to be a storyteller are always good – again, it’s something you do every day and never think about. Talk about detail shots, moving in closer for portraits, etc.
  • How about places in your community to photograph? Again, you’re the expert – be helpful and share!

Can you build a business without a blog? Of course, but why would you want to? An excellent blog helps make your website more legitimate, and the two work together. It might be the slow season, but that’s only about incoming business, not the things you should be doing to build your brand.