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Packaging – A Marketing Opportunity

Intro by Skip Cohen

I love this recent post from the Walden Coaching newsletter because it hits on a topic, so many of you ignore: packaging.

Think about the branding built into some of the products you recognize as high-end with strong perceived value. For example, that signature blue bag from Tiffany’s, a box of Godiva chocolate, Dove ice cream bars, and a bottle of good scotch. While the list goes on. and on, you can’t deny the strength of the brand recognition on these products.

Now, think about how you deliver products to your clients. You need professional packaging. You need your closing presence to follow the example you hopefully set from the very beginning of working with each new client – professionalism, excellence and setting a standard that becomes your signature and is in line with consumer expectations.

I’ve included something about professional packaging in numerous programs over the years because points made to the eye leave a stronger impression than those made to the ear!

Bev Walden has knocked another one out of the park with this article on packaging. But, it’s up to you to follow through! And, Marathon offers a full line of terrific packaging products.

By Beverly Walden

It seems that I just cannot get enough of beautiful and creative packaging! I am constantly on the hunt for creative ways businesses package their products-it inspires me!

Here are some practical ideas to help you on your way:

  • Make sure that the design elements such as colors, images, typeface, etc. for packaging are in sync with your website. This is because customers will visit your website to get information about your products. If they find the colors and other elements of your packaging on your website, they take the website as authentic and trustworthy.
  • Make it beautiful. Consumers love pretty products, especially if you can use them well. Incorporating beautiful elements will only enhance the product’s features.
  • You should consider the feel of the material and envision the outcome while you prepare the design. The printing, the finish, the emboss, etc. play an essential role in the packaging design.

Elements to consider for boutique business model packaging:

  • Ribbon-double sided satin-mixing two colors together (not craft ribbon)
  • Tissue-either in the brand colors or imprinted with a logo
  • Boxes printed with spot gloss
  • Belly bands
  • Unusual shapes
  • Colors that match the brand (I love black on black, matte and gloss to differentiate elements)
  • Wax seals
  • Glimmer and shine
  • A string tied around buttons
  • Hand made bag tags or EMBOSSED paper tags or clay tags
  • Embossing signature or hand-writing it in gold or silver on the box (we love heat embossing with black powder on our black boxes of Tim’s signature which is part of our logo-very cool!)
  • Including a beautiful quote within the packaging.
  • Small Polaroid-style prints made of old photos you may have of your family or black and white photos made to look retro and attach with a string to the bags.
  • Stickers that are creative…maybe big enough to wrap around a box in a unique way
  • Bi-color string
  • Vellum printed message, thank you or quote that can lay over the images and tissue in your box.

Some final thoughts:

  • Know your brand. Tiffanyʼs stark white and robin’s-egg blue won’t work for every brand. Neither will the simple white of Apple. Who are you and how can that be best represented in packaging is the question you must answer for yourself.
  • Make ordinary packaging look chic and personalized. Good packaging doesn’t have to be prohibitive or so expensive that you skip it. Tissue paper and satin ribbon are not expensive and you can find special bargains on boxes and bags and stock up.
  • We use stickers and bag tags plus we hand sign every box rather than having our logo imprinted on packaging as we like to mix and match the items that decorate our orders. The important thing to remember is that you should match your brand with your packaging.

Make the package part of the experience. Part of the reason it’s so fun to unbox a new Apple product is that its packaging reflects the sleek, user-friendly experience of the product inside.

We add a personal note on a bag tag and include a small, organza bag filled with chocolates that you can tie onto the handles of the bag. We use Hershey Kisses so that we can celebrate each season with their special flavors and different colors of foil. It makes our packaging look festive (plus who doesn’t appreciate chocolate!)

Remember, your product’s packaging is meant to communicate a purpose: what your brand stands for and what it means for your customer. Don’t miss this opportunity to create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.