Intro by Skip Cohen

Over and again I’ve commented about all the great information there is in cyberspace. That’s especially true with Bev and Tim Walden. The post below is from their blog back in March, but it’s timeless in the approach and the message.

Bev went on to introduce “Artisan Prints,” and included an explanation describing the product and then three easy ways to contact them; text, email, and scheduling a call. She’s made it easy for “Mom” to stop procrastinating and update the family portraits.

And here’s my point – you’ve got to be “Johnny Appleseed” with your marketing. It’s up to you to plant the seeds of ideas with your target audience. In Bev’s case, she’s hit on one of the most compelling arguments supporting the need for new portraits of kids – time never slows down.

Remember, we only regret the chances we didn’t take! So, don’t let your own procrastination about marketing become a regret. Life is busy, and life when you have a business is even busier. But it you take the time to focus on your target audience, you’ll be surprised at the potential to make 2023 a pretty amazing year!


Every year, we don’t think life could any more hectic…but it does.

And for those families with children who aren’t out of the “nest” yet, life revolves around chauffeuring to and from sports and school, squeezing dinner prep in here and there, helping with homework, loads of laundry…and on and on. You are the glue, the hero, that holds your family together and YOU ARE BUSY. Planning a portrait of your kids is one more task to add to an already hectic schedule. We understand.

Yet we have heard so many regrets about portraits that were never scheduled as kids grew from babies to toddlers to school age. And then suddenly, a senior portrait is on our calendar.

Where did the time go?

It is a common question. Unfortunately, kids growing and changing is non-negotiable. Life goes forward, not backward.

As Tim and I sat and talked, we realized that we needed to create a different kind of session for these times. Easier to plan, more simple to accomplish and kind to your wallet:-)