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The Good Side of Downtime

Intro by Skip Cohen

For the first time in our lives, we’ve ALL been thrown into a crisis that has an impact on everybody. It’s especially evident when it comes to downtime. Suddenly we’ve got a ton of it!

I love this recent post from Bev Walden because she’s done a great job of putting things in perspective. Bev and Tim’s business has seen the same painful change as a result of the pandemic as yours.

But here’s the thing I like so much about her outlook, she’s an optimist. And even through the stress and anxiety, she’s been able to find inspiration and creativity from other people and events.

Reading this post, she also reminded me that, at times, I’m overly focused on the bad and not looking for the good. But it’s all there, and those back-burner projects we’ve all wanted to do suddenly can become a reality.

We truly are all in this together!

By Beverly Walden

In this time we are all in, it is both bad and good. I see the bad, of course, but I am determined to see more of the good that is coming from staying home and closed. I believe that we will all come out of this stronger than we thought we could be and wiser too.

What is good?


Time to accomplish back burner projects. Time to think about what was working in our business…and what wasn’t, but we just kept holding onto it.

We are completely restructuring our marketing themes and approach, creating new processes to stay in touch with our clients, etc. This is a perfect time!

Time to read the satchel of books I bought months ago. Time to sit and actually watch podcasts like The Think Tank, created by Ronan Ryle, without getting distracted.

Note: I feel like my head is going to explode with all of the new and amazing ideas swirling around me.

And I must say I am impressed with the immense and previously untapped creativity of the human race and of course, all of you with your creative ideas you post on how to get through this time.

Watching a longtime favorite preacher and teacher, TD Jakes, I sat mesmerized and tearful as words of wisdom came pouring from his mouth. Here are just a few:

“We must be able to adapt to “NEW” and “DISRUPTION.” He calls it the ADAPTABILITY QUOTIENTAQ.”

“Adversity is an opportunity.”

“We need a new vision for what already exists.”

“We need to do more than survive…we need to thrive.”

And from another favorite preacher and teacher, Steven Furtick

“Desperation is a set-up for revelation.”

“Thought patterns must change. When we are afraid, we reach for familiar, even if familiar will kill you.”

“Change cannot happen if we hold onto comfort.”

This post is a bit more inspiration (I hope) and we will get back to business next week. This week, I felt this was the best thing to write as we continue to wade through the uncertainty ourselves, yet are learning so much with the extra time.

My hope is that you latch onto these words of wisdom and start to breathe again.