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Rebalance Your Life

Intro by Skip Cohen

Bev Walden recently shared this post in her Tuesday Tidbits email blast, and it hit me hard. The last year had an impact on all of us, and for the most part, it was draining. Well, Bev’s timing couldn’t be better with her points below.

It’s time to start filling our hearts, souls and creativity back up. And as simplistic as that sounds, it still takes an effort. First, you’ve got to recognize that you’ve probably been running on empty for a while. You know that feeling – the gas gauge says empty and you’re praying to make it to the next gas station. Most of the time you always do, but that doesn’t change the stress it creates along the way.

So, let’s do a quick inventory of what gets you smiling. It might be family, friends, pets, your clients or various aspects of your skillset. Next, start with the “low-hanging” fruit – those things easiest to do and quickest to access.

Hunkering down over the past year was about your health, not about your business or what makes your heart soar. And while I know all of this sounds pretty sappy, you can’t create images that tug at people’s heartstrings if your own heart isn’t in it.

It’s time to pull up to the pump and fill it up!

By Beverly Walden

A joyful life is made up of joyful moments gracefully strung together.
Brene Brown

What drains you? What fills you back up?

This question was the topic of our church service this past Sunday. I think we’re all a bit drained this past year and the challenges that came with it were certainly not on anyone’s radar.

I realized that we need to start doing more that fills us up as we continue marching into the second half of this year…yep, we are already halfway into this year!

What drains me? What fills me up? Why do this?

To re-balance the areas in my life that have gotten out of whack!

Each one of us is unique, with different interests, gifts, talents, and purposes.
One key to unlocking the joy and peace that can re-balance your life is to know what drains you and what fills you up.

I know that when I have too much to do, I simply shut down and do nothing. To even think about it is overwhelming and it drains me. I am learning to break the tasks down into smaller bits to get them done. And those accomplishments fill me up.

Clutter drains me. I am one of those who love to organize, alphabetize, straighten things up and then I can breathe:-) Think Monk, but on a lesser scale…

Below, WAS my spice drawer. It drained me every time I opened it! On the right IS my spice drawer now:-) It fills me up with joy when I open the drawer.
So simple, yet little joyful moments add up to a more balanced outlook for me.

What drains one person may be what fills another one up!

I am not a night owl. As the day turns to night, I grow tired. If I try to work or exercise at night, I really cannot! It simply drains me! I go to bed most nights by 10 PM.

I dislike dirty dishes in the sink from the night before. The sight of them drains me. So, I clean up the kitchen after dinner, knowing that I will be much happier in the morning when I go into the kitchen.

What fills me up?

Simple things like a good meal, reading, sitting on the back porch with Tim, star gazing, conversations with friends…watching the Great British Baking Show:-)

Your business can only succeed when you are at your best. And balanced.

Be sure to find your drains and minimize or eliminate them and then, do more of what fills you up.

Wishing you abundant joy and peace.