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 Intro by Skip Cohen

Ever since I started doing website analysis for professional photographers, there’s one rule that’s continuously violated. Too many of you make it hard for your audience to buy from you. You make them mine for the information you want them to pay the most attention to.

The result is you’re offering them nothing but frustration in making their buying decision…or at the very least the decision to contact you for more information.

Just keep it simple and make it easy for customers to understand why you’re their best choice and especially why nobody does it better than you!

In this first “Tuesday Tidbits” email blast of the new year from Bev Walden, she hits the ground running. Her theme couldn’t be more appropriate. This is about quality, NOT quantity. Keep the choices simple and easy to demonstrate with stunning images on your website. Then make it even easier for them to contact you and get a fast response.

It’s a new year ahead, and doing a little house-cleaning now will set the stage for success all year long in 2021.

By Beverly Walden 


What is that?

“…it is the mental exhaustion from making decisions and processing choices. Decision fatigue can wear people down, causing them to make impulsive decisions without carefully thinking through consequences, or it can cause them to do nothing due to the energy needed to weigh options.”
~John Tierney


When you have too many products, too many sizes, too many finishes, too many “packages,” you are creating a lose-lose situation. Your client will lose their excitement to purchase what they came to you for and you will lose the potential of that sale as FATIGUE, FRUSTRATION AND CONFUSION take over.

“Decision Fatigue!”

Then what happens? The client makes a decision based on the path of least resistance; the default option in their minds. And typically, it is not the best choice.

Or even worse…

They want to get out! Leave! They can’t take anymore! They want to put off making the decision which we all know is a POOR DECISION! When that happens, you will have a very LOW DOLLAR sale., You are asking your client to make decisions in an area where they are not the expert …YOU ARE THE EXPERT! 

And to keep from looking stupid, they will make decisions that are not the BEST.

But they are thinking, “At least, I made a decision!” Help your clients so they are not forced into opting for what is “just good enough” rather than becoming confused to the point of inertia.

“But the idea that choice is bad for us flies in the face of what we’ve been told for decades. The standard line is that choice is good for us, that it confers on our freedom, personal responsibility, self-determination, autonomy and lots of other things that don’t help when you’re standing before a towering aisle of water bottles, paralyzed and increasingly dehydrated, unable to choose.”

As we start this new year, continue to prune to what is not optimal. Remove less than optimal product lines (sick and not getting better) and ideas that are dead. And SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY.

Guess I hit the ground running hahaha…I am soooo ready to be done with 2020 as we prepare for an immensely wonderful 2021. Blessings. Here’s to a year full of hope and joy and dreams fulfilled.