Remember that stress doesn’t come from what’s going on in your life.
It comes from your thoughts about what’s going on in your life.

Andrew Bernstein

I shared this on my own blog last week – it’s a quick reminder that you can’t create images that tug at people’s heartstrings if your own heart isn’t in the game!
​I’ve lived in Florida for almost eleven years, and we’re all used to the same thing in the rainy season. The day typically starts sunny and beautiful. Then, a few clouds roll in around noon, and usually, after 3-4:00 PM, there’s a full-blown thunderstorm. After that, humidity usually skyrockets – but through the whole process, everyone knows it’s coming. Boaters make it a point to follow the weather report, and if it’s going to be bad – they plan accordingly.

So, why can’t we as business owners learn to recognize the same signs when things are stormy with work? I get that I’m a work in progress, but you’d think I could see burnout coming just like the weatherman can predict and forecast an upcoming storm.

This is a short post with just one goal – we all have to deal with a long list of daily challenges. So when the trolls take over, whether they’re real or not, learn to step away. Learn to take a break, before you crash and burn! Don’t respond or react to stress. Instead, step away from the business and do something relaxing. Phone a friend; put some music on; take a walk – whatever it takes, just like when you were a kid – go to recess!

You can find anything on the Internet:


1. Dance it out
2. Go for a walk
3. Talk about it
4. Breathe
5. Go to bed earlier
6. Focus on what you can control
7. Reminisce about good times
8. Ask for a hug
9. Smile