I have been a big fan of Nicole Begley for a long time. Everything she does she does with purpose thru educated business strategies and incredible communication. 

What has impressed me, even more, is that she has managed to have her personality show all thru her brand. It’s in all her printed materials and social media sites. If there was a business template of who to copy, it would be Nicole Begley.

Did you notice I haven’t even mentioned her photography . . . until now. And it’s incredible. It’s award-winning. It’s unique. And as great as it is, it’s still almost secondary to the experience you get when you are a customer of hers! The photography is almost the souvenir of a great experience with her. 

As incredibly talented as she is, this stuff doesn’t come easy or natural to everyone. She’ll be the first to say she had mentors and workshops and organizations along the way to help her and she is one of the finest teachers today as well.

So I asked Nicole to join me on a podcast to discuss how to get started in the pet photography business. It sounds simple right? You love photography. You love pets. You create wonderful images of your pet. Why not do that for everyone who has a pet right? As with all things, it’s never as easy as it sounds. I learned so much from Nicole in the podcast I almost created a delay from making so many notes.

So check out the podcast here – 

A huge thank you to Nicole. You can check out more of her work on her website here – https://www.nicolebegleyphotography.com

Nicole Begley Pet Photography for Photographers educational site  – https://www.nicolebegleyphotography.com/education

Nicole Begley Hair of the Dog Podcasts – https://hairofthedogacademy.com

And by the way, did you know that there is a convention dedicated to pet photography? Check out the Animal Image Makers held every year in April – https://animalimagemakers.com.

Read the blog and listen to the podcast I did with AIM founders Lisa Jones and Davey Mesarch here – https://blog.marathonpress.com/2022/06/21/the-power-of-live-education/