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The Good Old Days Are Right Now

Looking for great quotes from Zig Ziglar, a typo in Google took me into Ziggy Marley! Sometimes we stumble on the greatest little gems when we least expect it! I love what I found:

“I don’t have to wait to realize the good old days.” Ziggy Marley

That says it all. The good old days are right now, and I can’t help but think we all spend too much time missing the moments in our own lives.

Photographers are hired to capture those spontaneous moments. A great wedding photographer has the responsibility to be the eyes, heart and with video, even the ears of the bride and groom. A great portrait photographer is hired to capture the personality of the subject. Landscape photographers stop a sunset, a bird in flight, again moments out of time that can never be repeated.

The list goes on and on, yet so many photographers, miss the most important moments in their own lives with their families and friends. They’re so caught up in worrying about the business they fail to enjoy the most important part of their lives, the reason they’re working in the first place – to enjoy life!

As the year comes to a close, and you’re hopefully flat out with holiday orders, don’t forget to take the time for your family, friends and YOURSELF! Don’t let 2018 end with a wish that you’d taken the time to appreciate everyone most special to you!

Ziggy’s right, why wait to realize the good old days?