We’re into a new year and officially in what we all think of as convention season. IUSA, WPPI, and a number of regional and state conventions are right around the corner. You should be attending every possible event you can.

But today’s post is really about why you’re going to a convention. Great conferences are about networking, seeing new products, and education. Well, it’s the education side I’m hitting in today’s post.

For those of you who are one trick ponies – it’s time to diversify. Having a primary specialty is excellent, but it’s time to change if that’s all you can photograph confidently.

 Think back to the height of the pandemic – when events were all canceled, people were paranoid about virtually everything – and we all hunkered down. Now, think about your plans if another crisis were to happen, even the most local event that forced you to change your business model.

Or, just think about how you’re going to grow your business without any outside challenges.

 Do you have the skill set to tackle something else, or are you strictly a one trick pony? 

So, heading to IUSA or WPPI, check out all the programming and then pick at least one class entirely outside your specialty each day. Remember, growth only happens outside your comfort zone.

PS And if you’re headed to IUSA stop by Marathon, booth 727. Marathon’s team can help you with so many different components of your marketing plans for the new year. Plus, check out Bella Albums and Bella Prints. Marathon’s grown to be one of the top printers in the industry!