Do you have an idea for a book but need some direction?  Not sure of what materials and techniques to specify to the printer? Are you wondering what others in your genre are doing?

You’ll need to do some research if you haven’t already. One of the first things to do is clearly define your audience and purpose. Who will buy the book, and for what reason? Or is your book being given away? Will you sell directly to readers or through bookstores and other channels? What are other books in your potential category doing?

As a book printer, Marathon can assist you in the tangible decisions required to help you define your audience and purpose for self-publishing a book.  Many of the genres we produce will utilize associated techniques and materials.

Here are a few examples for reference:

Historical Books like small-town history, genealogy, or family history books have needs for durability and preservation (buckram cover materials or bonded leathers, even genuine leather)

Clothbound art & photography coffee table editions
Cloth-bound photography annual with dust jacket exposed to show cloth and foil stamping on the spine

Coffee Table books featuring art and photography will more commonly use certain types of covers and dust jackets that have more of an aesthetic appeal. Some other options you will see in this style of book are: Printed/laminated hardcovers, and soft cover with or without flaps, (sometimes called French Flaps).

Assorted softcover and hardcover children’s editions

Children’s  books (pictured above) need a certain type of hardcover or soft cover binding. Thin-cased hard cover or soft cover with PUR Binding works well and is long-lasting/durable and economical.

Assorted covers with Wire-o ™ binding

Cookbooks, calendars or student workbooks may want to utilize a wire-o or spiral binding. The above image shows an assortment of options you can utilize with Wire-O ™ binding.

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!

The analogy comes to mind with certain suppliers who make books, as they might only be able to offer one binding style. Not every book project requires the same techniques. Fortunately, at Marathon Press, we have several options for customized solutions for your book publication, (even more than we have pictured here).

I would be happy to assist you with a free consultation on your next book printing project to determine what technique might be best for you!