A friend of mine recently said to me: 

“If the pen is to the sword, then the printing press is to an army.” 

In fact, Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press was revolutionary and did change the course of history. Flash forward several centuries and the next major revolution in printing was the invention of Digital Printing. 

Digital printing has now democratized the process of publishing now to the point where virtually anyone can print anything they want! For minimal investment, a person can produce their own manuscript and print one or just a few books

to share with family and friends. Some will go well beyond that with successful publishing and distribution.

I always say that everyone has at least 1 “book” in them and some have even more! If you have an idea for a book, finding a publisher can still be difficult. Even then, if a person is selected by a traditional publishing house, getting published through this method can be a long and arduous process. Why not consider Self Publishing? 

With such a convenience of modern digital printing now literally at your fingertips, the allure to Self Publish is quite strong. 

* Short turnaround time

* Small print quantities are possible to minimize the risk of excess inventory.

* The added professional credibility of having your own “book”  is huge for your self-confidence. 

* You retain all rights and all profits from the book sale are yours!

At this point, I know you are asking: Is it really that simple? Of course, there are some challenges to address such as editing/layout/design format considerations along with developing your own marketing plan for how your books will be sold or distributed. 

The more of these tasks you can handle yourself, the better. But all of those challenges have solutions of one sort or the other, and Marathon is always here to help be your guide through completion. 

Since its inception over 40 years or so, Marathon has evolved into a leading digital book printer for the photographic industry. Photo Albums, coffee table books, yearbooks, calendars, and photo annuals are some of the products rolling off the presses every day in Norfolk. 

So what are you waiting for? You can do this! 

Here’s an inspiring interview I did recently with a Marathon customer, Dylan W. Kubus, who decided to self publish 2 different projects –