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Life Without a Blog? Not Recommended!

We recently shared a post from Chamira Young about the importance of your website. It’s a critical component for business today, but I want to go a step further – you need a blog.

Before any of you roll your eyes at the concept, hear me out. Sure, you can build a business without a blog, but you can create a stronger presence and business with one! Your website is about what you sell, but your blog is about what’s in your heart.

Here’s the beauty of how a blog can be effective at building your reputation and brand. Just like publicity supporting advertising and your brand, your blog allows you to build a stronger reputation. Sharing posts about why you love photography, ideas to help your target audience become better photographers themselves, information about community events and even a community calendar to help keep people informed, all show your ability to give back.

Any retailer can sell products or services, but a blog allows you to share why you love what you do. It allows you to be helpful and supportive of your readership. A well-done blog gives your audience a taste of who you are.

There’s a great line I know I’ve shared before. It’s from a marketing/motivational consultant by the name of Ed Foreman. Ed spoke to us at a meeting back in my Polaroid days over 30 years ago.

“If I can see the world through my client’s eyes, then I can sell my client what my client buys!”

This is much more than just putting yourself in their shoes. For most of you, it’s about paying attention to what’s important to “Mom.” It’s about sharing content she can relate to. It’s about helping her capture the never-ending story of her family.

Use your blog to share content that’s helpful to your clients. One of the easiest topics plays right into your expertise. Share tips on how to take better pictures. Whether they’re using a cell phone or a real camera, you’ve got the skill set to share tips on exposure, composition, fill flash, posing, backlighting and storytelling.

Make yourself the photography expert in the community and someone available to help them capture their very best memories, and in the process, build your reputation and brand.