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An Easy Action Project to Build Your Business

Intro by Skip Cohen

This short post was recently shared on Chamira Young’s blog, but it hits another major area for potential business – restaurant owners.

The pandemic has changed so many things in our lives, especially for restaurant owners. Many of them never offered carryout service but relied on their inside table service. A lot of them had minimal information on their websites, with entrée descriptions and menus, but rarely photographs.

That opens a whole new market for so many photographers. At the same time, it’s creating an opportunity for you to be helpful to a long list of potential clients right in your own community!

Chamira’s idea also hits on a way to better utilize your blog with posts about events and establishments in your community that you respect and support. So here’s a way for you to simply show your support and be an ambassador.

Trust me – whatever you can give to your community will come back to you over and again.

By Chamira Young

Even with the global crisis, there are still things you can do to help your photography business. In this episode, I discuss a super fun, actionable way you can boost your photo business AND your local economy. Get ready for a fun project!

A fun project that works for clients and non-clients: it’s a fact that many restaurants are closed to diners coming in to sit down and eat. But many still offer carryout and delivery services. Why not order food, take it home, and practice your food photography skills by lighting it and taking a *nice* picture of it?

Then post the image on Facebook and/or Instagram with your watermark and tag the business. Spread the word about the restaurant. It’s a great way to support your local economy while practicing your photo skills! Plus, the next time the restaurant needs photography services, you may come to mind first!