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Easy Add-On Sales!

Intro by Skip Cohen

The seasonality of the fourth quarter is on your doorstep right now, but you snooze, you lose. Sorry to throw in a little sarcasm there, but this has been an incredibly tough year. Between last year and this, most of you have experienced challenges no one could have anticipated.

But something unique came out of the pandemic, and I’ve written about it a lot – a renewed sense of family. That puts photography and helping families capture special memories in the spotlight.

Think about how everyone’s life has changed since March of 2020. Now think about what everyone misses the most – family and friends. Throw in profitability and sales skills, and my buddy Mark Weber’s post below couldn’t be more appropriate.

Marathon’s BOGO on holiday cards is timed perfectly. Add in Mark’s suggestion for how you position additional cards you order, and it’s the perfect way to build more goodwill with your clients and your relationships.

There’s never been a year when Sheila and I didn’t run out of holiday cards. Of course, we always make our list for cards, but then as we get into the season, we realize we missed people.

Now, turn back the clock one more time for me and look back to all the people in your life over the last year. This is definitely a year where we all need to wish people peace, happiness, and health more than ever! And if you’re like us, that list continues to grow as we all work together to keep in touch.

By Mark Weber

Looking for an easy way to increase your profits? You can utilize Marathon’s BOGO sale beyond just doubling the quantity of your order. Top studios know how to maximize sales and an easy way to do that is called “speculation”.

Speculation works really well with your Marathon holiday greeting cards. Did you know it only costs a few dollars more to add another set of cards to your order? Most people don’t realize that the investment is so low to potentially gain so much. You can offer them to your client as extras that were accidentally sent by the lab. Just explain that before returning them you wanted to offer them at a discount.

This works well because most families order fewer than they really need and this solves a problem when they receive cards from someone unexpected or have a few they didn’t consider in their initial count.

Keith Forrest, Virginia Beach, VA sells the extras 80% of the time. Plus what he doesn’t sell he can use as samples in the future. In addition, he calls his customers back a couple of weeks later (depending on how much time is left before Christmas) to check one more time if they would like to purchase them.

So make your holiday season extra profitable this year by taking full advantage of Marathon’s BOGO sale. A small investment can lead to big profits and this is so easy to do!