In a previous Blog/Podcast Skip Cohen and I discussed the importance of a strong brand. For some of you that might mean getting something started for the first time and for others, who are more established, it might mean reevaluating your current brand if it’s been a few years since you’ve last updated your brand.


So now you’ve got your brand in place. You’ve implemented it in all your materials and social media and it looks great. But what are you doing to expand your reach? How are you showing off your brand? Where do people see it? Feel it? Experience it? In this Podcast Skip and I discuss these opportunities and share some examples.


From the content that appears in your printed materials or on the social media sites, it’s our job to communicate that we know how to solve a problem people didn’t even know they had – the desire to own a beautiful portrait. More importantly, a beautiful portrait by YOU!


You are a direct extension of your brand and vice versa. The image you portray in your brand has to come through in your conversations with people. It’s in the actions you take with follow-ups, referrals, thank you notes, invitations, charitable events, volunteerism, and organizations you belong to. At the heart of all this is your and your brand. This is how you expand your reach.


Having the right support materials ready to go is ultra important. Successful professionals have these products ready to use at a moment’s notice.


Be My Guest Card. This is a great way to network with people you meet. It allows you to hand somebody something of value and helps you ask them if you can photograph their pet for a sample portrait to use in your printed marketing materials, website, and social media advertising. Here’s a great example to look at one from the Marathon website-


The Teeny Tiny Brochure. This is like a business card on steroids. Don’t settle for a traditional business card! This interactive folded piece gives you maximum impact yet is not too big so it’s easy for people to keep with them –


5×5 Trifold Brochure. These are like the standard to hand out to more interested clients who either come to the studio or you mail something out to motivate them. It keeps selling you as they consider other photographers too!. Get some inspiration here –


Studio Card. typically 4×6 or 5×7 but it can be any size you want. Leave them blank inside so you can personalize them for any occasion. Brand the front with your logo, and brand design, and consider an optional image to finish it off.  These are great for thank you, personal invites or VIP messages with a gift card inserted, etc. –


Pocket folder. This is a must for all studios. This holds all the materials you hand out or mail to those interested in you. It becomes your PR Kit if you will.  Personally, I like the larger 9″x12” size as it looks more impressive and you don’t have to fold larger things to fit in it –


Referral Cards – These are used when you ask people to refer you. Saying – Our business was built on the referral of others and we’d appreciate it if you recommend us to your family and friends. You let them know that you will reward them with a $50 or $100 studio credit (you decide the amount) for anyone who comes in and places an order based on their referral. Referral cards can be as simple as a business size card or you can make them a fancy folded card with an insert to make them more impactful. Regardless of what you do, just make sure you ask for a referral after every sales session while the excitement is high.


Logo. This is the foundation of your brand. It’s the first impression and you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Make sure your Logo fits your image. Marathon’s Professional Designers know our industry. They know the customer you are targeting. Check out more about their Logo designs here –


I invite you to listen to the Podcast – “Expand Your Reach” with me and my buddy Skip Cohen here –


Do you need these marketing support items and more to expand your reach? Check out Marathon Presses Branding Essentials Program. This allows you to get a lot of the products you need affordably! –