The next 4 weeks will determine how financially well you’ll transition into 2023. Did you know that more money is given at Christmas than at any other time of the year? Make sure your business taps into that opportunity. How? 

  1. “Double Your Dollar” promotion – For any gift card purchased between now and the New Year and you’ll double the dollar value of the gift card.
  • Offer limited family sessions between Christmas and New Year.
  • Sample Sale. Contact the clients of any sample prints you have on your wall and offer them at a special discount. Just in time for Christmas!
  • Plan a “Get Them Together” or an “It’s Not Too Late” session theme promotion for January. People don’t just value family sessions during the holiday. Many college kids are still home in early January. Tap into that!

These are just a few ideas to put some extra profits into your bank account in 2023. Make it your best ever.