Now is the time of year where your customers are getting into the spirit of the holidays. The retail stores & television ads have been promoting Christmas for several weeks now. It’s prime time to tap into that enthusiasm.

A great way to add additional profit into your business is to do some speculative sales. Holiday cards are a huge seller for all studios this time of year. Families take great pride in sending a beautiful printed piece to all their family, friends, and business acquaintances. 

Many families underestimate the number of cards they will want to send. There are people who send cards for the first time that they didn’t expect and will want to respond to. There is extended family or relatives they forgot about and extended friends of some adult children they want to include. Many times these realizations are made when they start filling out the addresses and preparing to mail them.  

This is where you have an opportunity to increase your profits. Marathon Press has its annual BOGO special going on right now and because you are saving money you can affordably add an extra 25 or 50 cards affordably to your order. You can then let the customer know the Lab accidentally sent more cards than were ordered and offer them at a slightly reduced price.

Most studios present the extras at the time of delivery with the rest of their order like this – “The lab accidentally sent 25 extra cards. Before I send them back I thought I would check with you if you’d like to purchase them. I can give you a great price. They would only be XX for the additional cards”. 

This is a win-win situation. The customer has the security of knowing they will have enough cards or the ability to send some cards to people they mistakenly left off of their list. They will very motivated as the price is right and they can even add some new people to their list that they were on the fringe about sending to.

The studios that have been doing this find that they sell over 80% of these extras. And just because they don’t purchase them right at that time doesn’t mean they won’t buy them later. You can always offer them “one last time” as you are just finishing up getting things sent back to the lab. 

Even if the customer doesn’t purchase them you still have some wonderful samples that you can use in the future. You always need fresh samples! The speculation is worth the extra investment. 

The studios that have the most experience and success with this will tell you this is not something you do every holiday season with every customer. You don’t want this to become something repeat customers expect and therefore place a smaller order knowing you will offer the additional cards at a discount. So keep careful track of the clients you offered this to and if you don’t do that consider just offering it every 2 or 3 years. But this would be a great year to start!

In summary, this is an easy add-on profit for you. The customer gets some extra cards that they most likely need and an incentive to boot. And because the more cards you buy the less expensive the cards cost AND you get the Marathon BOGO special! It’s a smart speculation and you will have a few samples to use in the future that you need anyway! 

What are ways you generate extra revenue? Feel free to share in the comments. Enjoy the extra money in your account this holiday season!

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