We’re getting into the time of year when holiday cards are part of everyone’s sales. And with that, every lab offers specials on these wonderful cards. But are you taking advantage of these special offers by offering extra cards at the time of delivery with your clients?

Let me explain. Have you ever noticed that the more cards you purchase, the less per quantity they cost? With the BOGO special, this gives you a tremendous advantage to offer “speculative sales”.

Here’s how it works – Let’s say the customer orders 200 cards. When you place your order, order 225. Then when you deliver them, you let the customer know the lab accidentally sent 25 more than was ordered and before you send them back you wanted to offer these to them for 50% off. Or whatever amount you want, depending on your price point.

This is an easy opportunity for additional profits with very little risk. Most people end up needing more cards than they ordered. And even if they weren’t short, it allows them to add a few more people on their list that they hadn’t originally planned for. Plus, if they were short, this saves them time and added expense of a reorder charge to get more. 

You will sell a majority of these making this a highly profitable sales opportunity. And even if you don’t sell them the first time you offer them, you can check with them a couple of weeks later and ask them one more time, before you send these back, if would they like to purchase these. The ones you don’t sell you’ll have as samples to show in the future! 

Think about it. What would your profits be even if only 50% of your clients buy these? It will be higher than that. So what if your sales are 60%? 70% 80%? How much extra profit does that mean for you?

This is not something you do every year with your customer. Make a note in your client file if you’ve offered this so you know the next season to skip it. And note the ones who didn’t purchase so you don’t speculate in the future.

And for anyone who feels uncomfortable doing this, just remember – you are offering your client something extra at a great value. You’re doing them a favor and possibly solving a problem they might have with not enough cards. You’re not forcing them to purchase these and it’s extra money in your pocket without having to do anything more than add that to your lab order.

And in the event you have a problem with your client’s order or you just have a great client you want to say thank you to, you can gift these as well. 

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