When was the last time you purchased something, you didn’t know you needed and didn’t care what the price was? You just had to have it! Give it to me before they run out!!!!! Choosing a photographer should be so easy!

So what caused you to desire that purchase you made so quickly? It’s a number of things and too many to list here, including some psychology! But big corporations invest a lot of money based on the human psyche and we can learn from that.

I’m constantly reminded about the importance of communicating how your business is different than anyone else’s. Because in the absence of uniqueness the consumer shops for the lowest price. Think Apple, Disney, Progressive, Coke, and Nike just to name a few. Look at what Progressive has done with an intangible product called INSURANCE. Genius!

Also, think about all the Christmas gifts and the knockoff brands you just saw this shopping season. Do you really need a pair of $200 brand X earbuds when Brand Y looks pretty similar for $79? $49? $29? I mean how different can a small plastic object that goes in your ear really sound right? 

That’s the dilemma for big brands to promote. For instance, unlike over-the-ear headphones, you can’t put out a display of earbuds for people to listen to and compare. In a way that’s what asking the consumer to do when considering your services. 

How do we get the consumer to connect with us emotionally? That’s the key. If an insurance company can do it, surely we can too!

Let’s face it, effective marketing is why so many photographers struggle. It’s why the consumer struggles to make a choice too. We laugh about the horrible images from some of these photography chain stores of the past and yet, people went there! Why? There were really talented photographers back then too.

Maybe it’s the L.C.O. (least crappy option). Hey, we had to go somewhere. The shopper found something (maybe accidentally) that advertised just enough for them to feel OK about filling that gap. They probably weren’t even excited about the photographer they chose but it filled a need.

Sadly there are photographers right in their community who are incredibly talented but just haven’t figured out how to let the consumer know they exist and what they can provide. And can you imagine the consumer’s dilemma about what good photography is? They don’t know lighting, composition, exposure, posing, backgrounds, props, and what a great experience should be like.

But what if there was a way to at least begin to stand out from the crowd? A way to educate them? To inspire them? Let’s look at some ways to stand out from everyone else –

  • An impressive website. Today, more than ever, a fresh website that motivates & inspires. Check out Nicole Begley’s website. This might be the finest example of the most effective website I’ve personally ever seen –  https://www.nicolebegleyphotography.com.
  • Branded promotional pieces that wow. These pieces are an experience in your hand. They might have unique folds, die-cut edges, things that turn, and inserts within inserts. These are what keep selling you when your customer is alone and contemplating what it would be like to have a beautiful photography experience.
  • Consistency & frequency. Getting your materials and samples out in front of the right customer. This is where you have to identify your ideal customer and whom they shop and do business with. This will enable you to target where to put your advertising dollars and who to network with.
  • Become known as the specialist in something. Maybe it’s children’s photography, weddings, newborns, or commercial. Whatever it is, promote that you are the expert and why. 

You are your own PR Company as much as you are a photographer. Get out there and market your uniqueness in everything you do! Have a great 2023.