As photographers, we have so many products to sell to our clients. From the ever-popular canvas wraps to museum-quality Bella prints, there are so many options to offer our clients today. But is there one perfect product?

If I had to name one product that is the perfect product I’d have to say the album. Why? Because there are so many things that make that product magical and easy to sell. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Personalized. You can tell a story easier with multiple images of a person, a family, or a wedding.
  2. Portable. It’s easy to transport and share with others.
  3. Decorative. The album can be displayed on a coffee table, shelf, or bookcase.
  4. Style. The album is almost like a piece of someone’s furniture. And with so many variations of covers, it can fit easily into anyone’s decoration style.
  5. Variety. It’s like owning multiple wall portraits. Think about it. Each page in a 10×10 album is a 10×20 panoramic. Each page! It’s such a showcase of beautiful images!
  6. Impact. There is no other product that offers more ewws and ahhhs due to the number of images to look thru.
  7. Quality. In addition to looking beautiful, albums have a bit of weight giving it the ultimate feel to go with the looks.
  8. Value. With so many images the customer receives the best bang for their buck with so many and/or type of images in an album. 
  9. Versatility. You can include words in an album. Unlike a portrait, albums can include verses, poems, personal stories, copies of letters written, or screen grabs from important moments on our smartphones. You can’t do that with a single portrait.
  10. Heirloom Value. Albums tend to be kept over time to be handed down to others in a family. They are easily stored when not being displayed

This list can be used as selling points as your clients decide what they are going to purchase. So, as you head into the holiday season think about the value of albums. And if you plan to emphasize album sales, make sure you photograph your session with that in mind.

Also, consider preselling an album concept with your customer. It tells a more personalized story for the customer and makes the sales process more effective!

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